Behind the Scenes: Episode 2

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

They say that practice makes perfect... and it's gonna take a lot of practice before we really nail it, but we're getting there! We assumed our spots on the living room floor and talked for much longer than we planned. Recording our second episode felt so much more natural than our first, so hopefully Sara won't have to work so hard to edit together a coherent show! There is definitely a learning curve as we practice our way to perfect... Here's what we learned this week:

  1. Megan cannot for her life record sound bites without turning a deeeeeeeep shade of red.

  2. Having an episode outline can be very helpful to get the group back on track once we get derailed (a common occurrence).

  3. Mermaid cupcakes and a little pinot definitely set the party off right.

  4. Background noise such as puppy whining, wine pouring, and furious typing should be avoided for best audio quality.

  5. Plugging in the microphone usually helps.

That last one might come as a shock to you guys, and to be honest, it shocked us too. We were so eager to get started that we spent15 minutes podcasting before we noticed the mic was unplugged............ not our best moment! But after a moment of horrified silence, a collective facepalm, and several minutes of nonstop laughter, we plugged that bad boy in and realized we'd laughed away all our nerves. It's a lesson learned in Open Water class: you're not gonna do anyone any good if you're anxious. Take a deep breath. Let go of the fear.

peace love and progress!

 - safety stop

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Safety Stop Scuba is a podcast created by ocean lovers for divers & non-divers alike. We aim to foster a community of divers telling stories that educate and inspire others to dive into the ocean and protect our waters.

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