Behind the Scenes: Episode 1

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

On a Monday night in Sherman Oaks, three ladies sit around a table: Char pours the wine, Megan tries to find the perfect ratio of brownie bite to strawberry, and Sara monitors her puppy as he runs amok underfoot. We discuss our game plan - What is Safety Stop? What do we want it to be? Where will it go? Where could it take us? How do we get there? - and realize there's so much to do! Every question adds something to our pretty extensive To Do list. But with our complementary skill sets and varied backgrounds, the three of us know we're up to the task.

After refilling our wine glasses and some off-the-record gossiping ("The mic is off....right?!"), we move over to the floor to record our first show! Yes, you read that right - Safety Stop is recorded on the floor. Once we get used to hearing ourselves talk, our first episode goes by quickly. Turns out, it's not so tough to sit with close friends and talk about your passions. Now for the hard part: editing, promoting, and hoping people will listen. But for now we will toast the success of turning a drunken idea into a reality! Baby steps and mini-victories are all we need to gain momentum and encourage us to keep going!

peace love and bubbles,

- safety stop

safety stop

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Safety Stop Scuba is a podcast created by ocean lovers for divers & non-divers alike. We aim to foster a community of divers telling stories that educate and inspire others to dive into the ocean and protect our waters.

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